About Me

My name is Gary Tallowin, I am a Web Developer for Archant

This is my personal site.. Anything that I am proud of will get whacked on here.

Originally this site was intended purely for me to see how much performance I could squeeze out of WordPress on the front end. Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

Turns out wordpress can be rather fast, who would have thought it? 🙂

If it looks odd when you look at this site then that is because I like to tinker with stuff and I sometimes kill things.

Skills to pay the bills:

NVQ LEVEL 3 in ‘Design and Information Technology’ From Central Graphics Academy – Wharf Road

Web Development: HTML 5, CSS, Git, SourceTree, Google Tag manager

jQuery  (10+ years of using the bootstrap / jQuery framework)

React / Tailwind.css  (2 years on localrecall)

Php / Some experience. Mainly through WordPress sites.

Velocity: 10+ years Polopoly front end

HTML Newsletters, 6+ years of creating newsletters when I was part of Archant London / London24 using Litmus and e-shot. It definitely IS a skill as you have to INTENTIONALLY write bad html for newsletters…

Piano, 2+ years creating templates, resources, terms, offers & experiences


    • Adobe Photoshop (1995 to present)
    • Adobe Illustrator (1995 to present)
    • Adobe Premiere (2005 to present)
    • Dreamweaver (1998 to present)
    • Visual Studio  (2005 to present, huge gaps between usage though)
    • WebStorm (2020 to present)
    • Cinema4d (1997 to present)
    • Quark (1998 but admittedly have not done any print work in years)
    • Indesign (2000, same as above)

Most of the stuff on this site will likely just be my Cinema4d stuff